2nd Generation Auxiliary Input Module

Combine EEG recordings with other modalities by adding physiological sensors, including ExG, GSR, heart rate/HRV, SpO2, temperature and custom peripherals to any of our systems. 
The lightweight box can be worn on the arm or belt and works as a tethered or standalone system. Up to eight devices can be connected through the binder 5-pin connector.
Our new Generation 2 AIM: Now with referential or bipolar ExG, a special bio-impedance-based
respiration sensor, SpO2, temperature, and GSR (EDA).

In tethered mode: Connect the AIM to our headsets directly to synchronize your EEG data with other
physiological measurements.

In standalone mode: Stream to our Acquisition software, record directly to an on board SD Card, and
receive triggers independent from the EEG headset.


Wireless Amplifier
  • CGX headsets support our patent-pending millisecond wireless triggering system in standalone mode
  • Compatible with CGX Wireless Trigger (optional)
  • Compatible with all CGX headsets
  • Auto-switching referential or bipolar ExG
  • Bioimpedance-based respiration sensor
  • PPG/HRV/SpO2
  • 12-bit solid state temperature
  • GSR (EDA)
  • Thirdparty sensing through 2 BIN-5, bipolar connectors with 5v analog inputs
Data Stream
  • Export saved data in EEG or CSV (text)
  • LabStreaming real-time output
  • Stream data using the simple API in C, C++, C#, Java, MATLAB or Python
  • Build your own applications



The AIM Gen2 has interfaces for a variety of physiological sensors
forming a true multi-modal recording platform.

AIM physiological sensors milti-modal recording platform PPG HRV SpO2 GSR ExG Respiration Temperature Sensor
Read more about our physiological sensors


AIM Gen2 Introduction
AIM Gen2 Tutorial