64 or 128 EEG Channels

The Mobile-128 is the world's first mobile, wireless and wearable EEG system. The amplifier is a tiny box worn on the head. Stream EEG data wirelessly at 500 samples/sec, with full 24-bit resolution, or record to an onboard SD card. Take EEG recordings in environments and use cases that were simply impossible with previous generation technology.

Research Grade


The Mobile-128 is based around the same advanced electronics as our dry EEG headsets, including identical amplification and shielding technology. This offers an unparalleled level of signal quality in all environments and even under ambulatory conditions.

  • Active Ag/AgCl electrodes secured in cap, ensures highest signal quality even under subject motion

  • Immune to most electrical and mechanical artifacts

  • Up to 128 channels of EEG plus 8-channels of auxiliary inputs for true high-density EEG

  • Real-time impedance check to guarantee adequate sensor contact and assist with rapid setup

  • 24-bit ADC, high-dynamic range inputs with flexible configuration of sample rates, bandwidth and channels


Like all Cognionics devices, the Mobile-128 is designed to interface with hardware and software tools for advanced neuroscience research.

Wireless Amplifier
  • Precise 24 bit A/D resolution at 500 samples/sec and 1,000 samples/sec at 64 channels
  • Bandwidth 0-131/262 Hz (depending on sampling rate), with true DC coupling
  • Storage through microSD and microSDHC
  • 6-axis IMU (Acc+Gyro) motion detection measures head motion
  • Compatible with optional AIM Gen2.(optional)
  • Wireless Range: up to 15 meters distance
  • Noise: 0.9 μV RMS from 1-50 Hz, shorted inputs
  • Active Ag/AgCl electrodes secured in cap ensure highest signal quality even under motion
Cap Cleaning
  • Detach cap from electronics to wash
Data Stream
  • Full access to raw data via real-time streaming API
  • Export data to BDF, EDG, or CSV
  • Open and unrestricted data access compatible with NeuroPype, LabStreaming Layer, EEGLAB, BCILAB, MATLAB, BCI2000, OpenViBE, and more
  • Build custom applications in MATLAB, C, C++, C#, Java, or Python
  • Lithium-ion: 6 hours wireless and 8 hours with microSD card.
  • Lightweight 460 g design for long-term use without fatigue
  • Fits head sized 52 to 62 cm.
Driving Motion EEG
Auditory Oddball Experiment
Walking Motion EEG
Mobile-128 Demonstration