Headset Systems

CGX mobile EEG headsets are advanced systems that integrate active electrodes, amplifier, wireless transmitter and mechanics into a single form-factor. Our dry EEG headsets are offered in 8, 20 and 30-channel configurations. 

8-Channel Dry EEG Headset

20-Channel Dry EEG Headset

30-Channel Dry EEG Headset

64-Channel EEG

128-Channel EEG

CGX wireless EEG caps are offered in 64 and 128-channel configurations. The MKobile-series systems are the world's only head-worn, portable EEG system capable of supporting up to 128 active electrodes for zero compromise in signal quality.

2-Channel EEG

32-channel Wet/Dry Amp

20-Channel Wireless Amp for Wet Caps


For Skin
For Hair
For Skin & Hair

Cognionics patented and patent-pending sensors offer high signal quality acquisition on skin and through hair without gels or skin preparation. You can use the sensors across our range of headsets.



Our dry EEG headsets are supported by a range of accessories to form a complete platform including a patented wireless trigger to enable precise time marking without wires. Our AIM Gen2 augments EEG with other physiological signals such as ECG, EMG, EOG, respiration, SpO2 and temperature.

AIM Gen2 Physiological Sensors

The AIM Gen2 has interfaces for a variety of physiological sensors to form a true multi-modal recording platform.


All of Cognionics products provide full, unrestricted access to raw data. Our acquisition software configures our hardware and allows the user to check impedances and save data. It has multiple real-time and offline output formats for easy integration. Contact us to build custom applications that directly interface with our hardware.