All of our systems are designed to provide easy and unrestricted access to the raw, unfiltered EEG data stream. This makes it easy to do advanced research and build new applications. To make the development process easy we offer two paths at no cost.

LabStreamingLayer Real-time Output

  • Our acquisition software includes built-in support for the open-source LabStreamingLayer (LSL) platform, developed by UCSD. With LSL, you can set our acquisition software to act as a data server with a click of a button. Client applications can access the real-time EEG stream locally or across a network. This model makes it easy to prototype new applications and signal chains while still retaining access to the advanced capabilities (e.g., impedance check, device configuration) of our software. Specific features include:

  • Multi-language support: C, C++, C#, Java, Python and MATLAB

  • Easy-to-use: setting up a LSL inlet takes just a few lines of code

  • Well documented API and example code

  • Real-time data accessibly locally and across a network

  • Precision timing and integration with other hardware (e.g., inputs, eye trackers, motion capture)

  • If you are building completely custom applications on new platforms, we can provide technical details to interface directly with the hardware. Most CGX systems use a Bluetooth or USB connection and applications can developed on most platforms (Windows, Linux,
    Mac OS X, Android) that support one or the other.

Streaming into MATLAB CGX LSL Demo