Wireless Triggering System

Any serious EEG system needs the ability to send accurate and precise time markers for triggers and events. Although wireless systems enable mobility, accurate timing is difficult due to the inherent latency and jitter in wireless communications. This lack of accuracy is present in all wireless EEG solutions. The CGX triggering system is a custom developed protocol which accurately broadcasts time markers with millisecond precision, resolving the issues of latency and jitter. Because the timing accuracy is guaranteed in hardware, there is no need for software or algorithmic timing compensation, making experiments simple and reliable, just like a traditional wired setup. 
The trigger box accepts the same inputs as a wired EEG system: an 8-bit TTL interface via DB-25, a RS232 serial via DB-9 and a USB virtual serial port making it compatible with virtually all popular triggering and stimulus presentation packages. Incoming markers are broadcast wirelessly to the mobile EEG electronics and integrated within the EEG data stream. Most users will require minimal modifications, if any, to an existing experimental paradigm to use the system.
The trigger box works with all CGX EEG data acquisition systems which have the necessary receiver built in. Because the triggers are broadcast wirelessly, it is possible to send timing information to a virtually unlimited number of receiving systems in rage. This enables new experiments that are currently difficult or impossible, including multi-subject group research.

ERP recordings from an ambulatory subject using CGXs' Wireless Triggering System


Wireless Trigger
  • Accepts wired EEG system inputs — 8-bit TTL interface via DB-25, RS232 serial via DB-9, USB virtual serial port
  • Wireless Broadcasting sends information to limitless number of in-range receiving systems for multi-subject group research
  • Compatible with virtually all popular triggering and stimulus presentation packages including E-Prime, Presentation, and more